We propose a new physics-based approach to simulate the full-body animation of human locomotion in a reduced gravity environment, such as the Moon or Mars. As input, our method takes motion-captured human motions under Earth’s gravitational condition and builds an inverted-pendulum on cart (IPC) control model, which is analyzed using the motion-captured data. Then, for a given gravity condition, we first estimate the desired velocity as well as stride frequency of our character model using the Froude number, map its control model to the altered gravity and plan footsteps that can match the given environmental condition. Using our technique, we can generate stable and robust human gaits in reduced gravity including different gait characteristics. We also compare our results to a known, analytical gait model in the biomechanical literature for reduced gravity, and verify that our method matches the results.


IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (CG&A), 2017

  title={Full-Body Animation of Human Locomotion in Reduced Gravity Using Physics-Based Control},
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